These blind brothers joined the Haven in late February. They had been living in an apartment building in a staircase, fed by a kind resident. She learned that another individual in the building didn’t like having the cats there and was planning to poison them. She knew that they would no longer be safe there and contacted the Haven to see if we were willing to take these boys on.
Both of them are lovely, friendly boys. They are fine with other cats, with cat-friendly dogs, and with gentle, respectful children. They can be adopted as a pair, or individually. Because they are blind, under no circumstances will they be adopted into a free-roam situation. They should be kept as indoor cats, although a catio would be fine or going outside into an enclosed area under supervision (not outside on their own) is also okay.
If you haven’t encountered a blind cat before and don’t know what to expect, we are happy to provide resources and support. Having a blind cat isn’t that different than having a sighted feline. They compensate for their lack of vision with their other senses and are also able to “mindmap” your home within a very short period of time. So they create a mental picture of which room is which, where the litter tray is, water, where they are fed, where there are soft and/or sunny places to nap, stairs in your home, obstacles, etc. Blind cats are known to scale up to the top level of cat trees – often fearless. So please don’t dismiss adopting a blind baby out of hand — they have the same needs and wants as their sighted friends, with their own individual personalities.
Ronnie and Reggie will be ready to travel in a few months time. They will arrive at their forever home neutered, microchipped, vaccinated against rabies as well as other cat diseases and any eye surgery completed. Would you consider offering one or both of them that home? Could they grow up with you, and be the first human that they get to call their own? The first bed that they can get up on and know that it’s okay to snuck up to you? Other than the Haven, the brothers have never known any of those things, never experienced their own home. Maybe you would be willing to consider one or both of them?
If you’d like to chat about our blind brothers, about adopting a blind cat, or about adopting from us in general or the work that we do, please send me a PM. We would love to find them the right home. All adoption offers are subject to a successful homecheck (done via video call for the foreseeable future) and an adoption fee. xx
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