This is Astro (currently known as Narmer). He travelled to his adopter’s home in September of 2021 and was about 10/11 months old at that time, meaning he’ll be 2 years old sometime late this summer. His adopter is spending more time travelling for business than he’d anticipated and is not able to give him the level of attention that he had hoped, which Astro needs and deserves.
He was first rescued in early December of 2020. Koky went shopping and upon her return, he was literally waiting for her right outside her door, as if she was a long-lost friend. She opened up the door and he walked right inside, as if he belonged there. He was a friendly and affectionate youngster. Once he had his vaccinations, he joined the kitten apartment at the Haven where he lived until he flew to the Netherlands in September 2021.
Astro is still reported by his adopter to be a very friendly cat. He isn’t necessarily a lap cat, but he very much likes to be near people and will trail his adopter around the home. As you would expect for a young cat of not-yet-two years old, he has a lot of energy and really enjoys playing (see videos).
When he was at the Haven, he was fine with other cats. He has been the only kitty in his current household since September, so introductions to other felines should be done with patience and time. He likes to climb and has been known to knock things off of shelves (please put away your breakables 🙂 ).
Since he arrived in the Netherlands, Astro has had issues with sneezing. He has been treated by a local vet for these. A swab recently came back for calicivirus. His vaccines were due to be updated this past February, but they have not yet been done. His adopter is checking with the vet to see if they can be done or re-started ASAP.
There is a pet insurance policy in place for him through PetPlan. It can be transferred to a new adopter and information on how to do this will be provided, along with the original vaccination records from the Haven. Astro is neutered, microchipped, and litter-box trained.
This boy needs people to give him lots of attention and love. Astro has been an indoor kitty with his adopter and has been since he was initially rescued at a very young age. We would like him to have this level of safety in his new home as well, either with a fully cat-safe garden or catio if allowed outdoors or as a housecat. He’s an intelligent cat and may well take to harness/lead-training (this has not yet been explored in his current home).
Could we please ask if you would SHARE this post to help us find a new home for him, particularly if you are based in the Netherlands and near Leiden? All home offers are subject to a successful home check (via video call) and a (reduced) adoption fee.
If you are interested in offering him a home, please send a PM and either myself or another member of our volunteer Admin team will reach out to you as soon as possible.
Thank you for your help in spreading the word! Let’s get Astro to his forever home. xx